Can members TEXT you yet? No cell phone required!

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TEXT with your members to & from your landline or toll-free phone numbers! – Xtend has partnered with Zipwhip to offer this leading edge communication tool to credit unions in the network.

It’s so easy – members text you from their mobile devices and you reply from your computer, similar to an incoming email. Or, install the mobile app to reply from your cell phone without using your personal cell number.

Also use the service to publish “Keywords” online and with promotions. For example, tell your members to text in APPLY anytime day or night, and they could receive a pre-written auto-reply with the link to your It’s Me 247 loan application!

Register to attend our next webinar demo (June 27 at 2pm EST) and see Xtend’s powerful new member contact solution in action!


Or if you’ve attended a webinar already and are ready to go further, send us an email with your questions, requests for due diligence, or request a contract agreement to review!


Text PRICING to 866-981-4983 to receive details on the monthly cost for this 2-Way Texting product.

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