Back Office It’s All About Cost Containment

Our Xtend SRS Bookkeeping Service will help your credit union achieve higher levels of productivity by outsourcing routine balancing tasks to our experienced team.  This will allow your staff more time to focus on revenue generation and member service activities.

Xtend Assures you succeed!

At Xtend we understand a variety of circumstance can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Our strategically designed service allows us to step in when you can’t.

Contract with Xtend for all of your daily balancing needs or your one time balancing needs due to extended, absences and illness or vacations.  We are here to help you evaluate your key areas of need and to develop a strategy that assures you get the work done! | Phone: 616.285.5711 | Toll Free: 800.327.3478 | Fax: 616.285.5735
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