Member Communication

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Over the past several years, your partners at Xtend and CU*Answers have been investing in the resources that help credit unions communicate more effectively with their members. These investments include technology (state of the art IP telephony infrastructure), a robust toolset (CU*BASE, Member Reach), and a team of call center professionals ready to engage.


MemberReachWA |Generate a BUZZ about your credit union -   Through targeted email and It’sMe247 messages, Member Reach helps keep you “top of mind” with members. It may be the best $50/week (or less!) that you ever spend.
CallCenterWA | Set a higher bar for member support. Our Xtension call center agents are ready to answer the phones for you without breaking your budget. Whether it’s overflow or after hours calls, emergency stand-in support,or even a complete member “help desk”, our team stands ready to answer the call.